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Search for ESG Data for free on SEVVA Plaform. SaaS Powered by AI.

Find the ESG data points you need by searching a vast data lake of sustainability sources.


 All 70,000 public listed companies globally

Automation means that Sevva delivers unprecedented hyper-scale in ESG ratings


Large Caps

Discover how the world’s largest companies are pushing the boundaries of SDG impact. 

Mid & Small Caps

Get ratings for all mid, small, micro and nano cap stocks. Scores are benchmarked by market cap to create a level playing field.

Emerging Markets

Get ratings for all emerging and frontier markets stocks irrespective of reporting language. 

What Sevva ESG Data Search Does

Puts the power of AI power in the hands of ESG professionals


ESG Data Search

Search disclosures from from every public company for ESG data.


How Sevva Works

State of the art technology and data science in every component


Sevva Data Lake

Ingest data

Millions of data sources enter the Sevva Data Lake daily. Publicly available information for every company.

Cognitive Robots 

Process Data

Cognitive Robots are trained machine learning algorithms which read and process the data. 

Scoring Engine

Calculate Scores

Sevva runs the machine learning results through the scoring algorithm to generate ratings.

Delivery Engine

Real time Ratings

Real time delivery of UN SDG ratings and analytics to Sevva user front end or data feed to enterprise systems.  

Who is using Sevva ESG Data Search?

State of the art technology and data science in every component



Buy Side

Asset managers

Hedge funds


Sell Side

Investment Banks




Stock Exchanges

Private secondary markets



Fund Platforms

Trading Platforms


Private Markets

PE Funds

VC and Seed Funds



Public Companies

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ESG Data Search

ESG Data for any public company.